5 Weird Things I Have Experienced Working In The Hospitality Industry

Customers are an interesting slice of the human race that you get to have relatively brief encounters with. I’m sure I’m not the only long-term hotel employee that regrets keeping a memoir of all the craziness over the years. Every day is filled with unusual guest behavior.

1. Domestic disputes

I worked in a three-star hotel in Nakuru county Kenya for about a year as a waiter. One morning as I came to pick guest register to know who is on bed and breakfast at our restaurant, a Chinese couple that had checked in to the hotel the previous day for a honeymooner’s package walked into the lobby. They sat down each one on their phone. There was little conversation between them. Then suddenly the lady began quarreling with the husband in Chinese. The guy seemed unbothered. The lady got annoyed and slapped her husband. Things got heated up and for a moment things started flying all over the place from phones to shoes. The lady almost broke the TV at the reception with her high heel trying to hit her husband. There possibly nothing I could do to separate the two who went kung fu full mode at each other. The receptionist rang the manager on duty who came immediately and was able to separate them. He sat them down and tried to get at the bottom of the matter where the lady explained that she had uploaded a photo to her Facebook page the previous day. Her husband had viewed the photo but never liked or commented on it only for him to like and comment on it later that day and that’s why the lady was annoyed.

2. Stealing

Another unusual thing that happened in this same hotel, while a certain lady was checking an out, his luggage accidentally fell and one of the bags opened. Two bath lopes, towels shower and a bed sheet were in the bag for her to take home. Oops!! What an embarrassment!!

3. Walking naked

Sometimes the restaurant would get slow during the low peak season. I used to deliver some items to the beauty parlor which was in the pool area when I was not very busy or when I wanted to getaway.

On multiple occasions, I met several guests walking to the pool completely naked. I would just make eye contact and walk away. This could happen even when there was a restriction for guests not to access the hotel’s public areas dressed indecently or naked.

4. Love birds

Another incidence happened while I was working at the restaurant. A couple walked in and qued to serve themselves lunch. It was a buffet setup. They served the food and were about to go sit at their table, the husband accidentally dropped his plate of food and it broke. Before I rushed to the site, the wife, on seeing that the husband’s plate has dropped, lifted her plate of food and dropped it on the floor. The restaurant manager had to confront her and she explained that she had to do that so that they could serve food again together. They were charged for the broken plates.

5. Cry, baby

There was this other time that we had a Chinese family booking. on arrival, at the reception, a disagreement arose between a mother and his teenage son. I couldn’t figure out what it was all about since they spoke in Chinese. The argument got heated to a point where the mother began to land blows and punches on his son. Luckily the other family members were able to separate them. The surprising thing is that the son began to cry uncontrollably for about an hour sitting in the lobby, while the mother continued to quarrel with him. The manager on duty had to intervene with the help of a translator and that’s when the boy calmed down and we were able to check them in.

Working in a hotel is like working in a disaster management field. At first, each situation you face becomes an awesome experience. You are fascinated, terrified, amazed and try to learn from it as much as you can. However, over time even the weirdest situations start repeating and you realize what was once novel is not so unique anymore. Work long enough in hotels, and you truly would see most everything there is to see about human behavior.


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